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Released - March 16th, 2019!
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Still Come The Summer Rains
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The Golden Age Of Madness
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Collapsed Light  is Ben's 2008 CD.

"I have personally found that  the productions of others who
create art, music, or literature simply because it pleases them
to be most enjoyable and  eminently durable.
This is not in any sense a criticism of other methods.
We all know of work that is intrinistically valuable
created within a template of purpose.
Within the bounds and limits of a particular task.
Without a specific regard for market value, target audience, or expectations.
Come what may.
Plant the seeds, see what grows...
Collapsed Light is a collection of songs transmuted from various types of musical ideas.
Connected  in spirit  and in process,  if not in form, style or theme.
In the words of  Hunter S. Thompson,
"Buy the ticket, take the ride".
Like getting out of bed in the morning, or pulling out of your driveway,
Collapsed Light
is an act of faith."

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