Great Again Illustration

Great Again

Up on the screen
it's Mister Clean
He talks obscene
Just a rider on the ill wind
An empty suit
in Nazi boots
with loads of loot
 Salamander savior of the dimmed

Oh America what have you done?
Have you lost your very soul?
Kooks and crazies
 once contained
Now they're in control

(You don't need a heart or a brain
To make the Reich great again)

He's talking mean
he's tangerine
throws gasoline
on everyone
He misspells words
he'll nuke the birds
who leave their turds
on your gone to seed lawn
(Those Bastards!)

Oh America where have you gone?
So easily lead astray?
He's never been outside
the gilded cage
his daddy bought for him

Have you seen the evening news?
They've reported that Hitler was king of the Jews

He'll put up walls
Secure the stalls
and deck the halls
with heads of punks
He'll frack the parks
and feed the sharks
to the oligarchs
in love

Oh America who are you now?
Have you lost your fucking mind?
Privledged dullards
and the KKK
and fake Christians all aligned

You don't need a heart or brain
to make The Reich Great Again!
Grab the ladies if you're famed!
to make The Reich Great Again!
Ride the fire sale down the drain
to make The Reich Great Again!


copyright  Ben New 2017

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