Moody Judy  Illustration

Take the road to ruin
between the formless and the form
this light is an illusion
a teacup for a storm

In Aethiopia...

In captivity of madness
another loony for the bin
The nativity of chaos
Between the window and the wind

In Aethiopia...

Your father was a shadow
Your mother was the night
chanting oracles in a grotto
bathed in candle light

Far beyond the ocean
at the edge of the cosmos
Chained in Nyx's palace
with bandy legs and crooked toes

Scene 2 in the second act
Silver spoons and candlesticks
Orpheus was bushwhacked
by the oracles of Nyx

Under misdirection
the orchestra begins
watch the cello section
 become barbarians

In Aethiopia...


Copyright Ben New 2017

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