The Age Of Treason

Danced the green eyed monster mash
‘Til the pigeons came home to roost
Beguiled the rank and file
Cooked the golden goose

Let the devil take the hindmost
You know he’s a jolly old elf
Break out the lifeboats boys
‘Cause It’s every man for himself

I drew cartoons on the balance sheet
Never met a resource I could not deplete
In the lap of luxury Down on Easy Street
Out on the Primrose Path

In the Age Of Treason
At the end of the line
In the Age Of Treason
At the end of the line

In clip joint counting house
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Bernie was the bag man
And he bagged securities

Let the devil take the hindmost,
The marines can take the rest,
We jacked the flag and flag post,
Blamed those we oppressed


Keys to the kingdom?
Or a gimcrack house of cards?
Choosers never beg the question
The dogs sleep with the guards

The early bird will catch the worm
At least that’s what I heard
Seems to me that in the end
The worms will have the bird


Music and Lyrics Ben New 2011