Ocean Of Despair Illustration
Another Ocean Of Despair

Flirting with extinction
Deconstructing dreams
In Abyssinia
Nothing's as it seems

The magi's in the madhouse
riding handcarts in the hall
The jester rides a dark horse
naked through the mall

Marduk was a menaace
hitched his wagon to a wheel
Shopping for devotions
in his merry Oldsmobile

things just get you down
Lamentable liasons
turn your head around

Another Ocean Of Despair
Another Ocean Of Despair

Most of them are lumpish
when the truth has been revealed
They're a few fries short
of a happy meal

Endless conversations
in multiplicity
Bearing complications
in infinity

Adventures underwater
In an ocean of despair
Climbing Jacobs ladder
Lost in Grendel's lair

Look at all the denizens
It's more than I can bear
They forgot to take their medicine
In an ocean of despair


copyright  Ben New 2017

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