The nights they were longer
when winter was young
The bonds they were stronger
we've all come undone

Powerless pantheons
mourn covenants lost
losing the lexicon
The dice have been tossed

There's madness today
too soon under way

There's radio silence
sky gray as stone
Finding flaws in the science
In the darkness alone

Measure the thunder
in waves as they crash
scarce as the summers
soon turned to ash

There's madness today
Too soon under way

Nobody knows
the course of the wind
clad in shadows
of demons within

Under boughs of persimmon
where the jury was hung
The stakes had been driven
The songs had been sung

The blood of the ancients
sweeten the soil
I'm planting impatiens
where immigrants toil

There's madness today
as facades fade away
so much sadness today
too soon under way

2018 Ben New 

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